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Jersey Wooly



She is a Broken Black doe. Born 12/19/2018 from Ginger & Charlie. This beautiful little doe has two Leg wins from spring 2019 shows for winning Best of Group twice. Hoping to finish out her Grand Champion Certificate with another leg win soon. She is the foundation for our Broken Group line. She is a wonderful mother who has already produced a Best Opposite Breed Winner! 


Princess Cloud

Our newest addition! This little Jr. Doe we bought at the High Time Rabbit show this September in Wyoming. She is a Sable Point and the start of our shaded line. I have wanted this color for so long and I am so grateful to Andrea for her! Hope to see great shows from this beautiful little doe who has already stolen our hearts! *Update she has a Leg for a Best Opposite Of Breed Win from Longs Peak Rabbit Breeders Associate Show December 2019! 



The doe who started it all! Charlie is a Black Otter which falls in the Tan Group. She has one leg win for Best of Group from fall 2018. She is my favorite doe. A wonderful mother too! She has produced multiple leg winning babies. 



Beautiful Silver Martin Doe. She is Misty’s full sister. She is another promising daughter out of Charlie. I am excited to see how she shows. 

Rapunzel is a new and upcoming Jr. Doe out of Lilly. She is gorgeous and this picture doesn’t do her


Additional Information

This little doe is out of Lilly. She is a gorgeous Broken Blue Otter who has already earned a leg tittle of Best Opposite of Breed at the High Times Rabbit show in 2020. She is only 9 weeks old! 



A Black Silver Martin buck. He is an upcoming Jr. who may be the new herd buck. 



This little Chestnut buck is adorable and has stolen my heart. I will love watching him grow! 

French Angoras



My first Angora and furbaby. Sophia is an almost 3year old Sable Pearl French Angora and my pride and joy. She has a Best of Breed Leg she earned at the 2019 Platte River Rabbit Fanciers Show. Her wool is beautiful and easy to hand spin. She loves being groomed and adores kale and Cheerios. 



Mary is a one year old Fawn French Angora. She carries the chocolate gene. She has nice type, is even tempered, and has a decent amount of guard hair. 

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Retired Buns we Kept or Rehomed as Pets

Additional Information

Snowflake is a Blue-eyed white Polish doe that is about two years old. I bought her as a pretty pet because she was not a great show type. I wanted her to have pet home. She is spayed and spoiled. She loves bananas, bell peppers, & kale. 

Peter was small for French Angora and was obsessed with making more rabbits. He got aggressive with people. We decided to neuter him. He is now Mr. Mellow and loves cheerios, kale, and a nice massage on his head. He has been bonded with Sophia who is much happier now too. 

Jack Jack due to his allergy issues is just a stay at home and be loved bun. He was removed from breeding to avoid passing this trait on. He adores chamomile flowers & echinacea leaves. These herbs are a special treat that also improve the buns allergies. He also is on orchard hay because timothy hay makes the poor buns allergies go crazy!