For Sale

Breeding Rabbits for show means that in each litter I will have extra babies that need loving homes. 

Looking For Someone Special?

Get on my wait list! This is free to do and you will be contacted when the color or sex of the rabbit you are looking for is available. This ensures you can get want you want. Please email me to do this. I will need to chat with you as well please. 

Available Rabbits

Below you will see rabbits that I currently have available. I do update this regularly so if they are there they are still available. 

Sales Information

Health Guarantee

All Rabbits are healthy when they leave my property. I work with qualified rabbit vets locally to ensure that my rabbit herd is happy and healthy. All Breeders are vet checked regularly. These are my pets after all! Once a rabbit has left my property they are your responsibility but of course contact me if you have concerns.  

Sex Guarantee

Although I have almost ten years experience raising rabbits I cannot guarantee the sex of your baby rabbit under 12 weeks old. I can tell you what sex the baby is presenting. I will offer a rabbit exchange once if the wrong gender develops at your home. I will not issue a refund though.