Born 12/19/2018

Charlie's first litter. The Sire is Ginger. Charlie has been a wonderful mother and is raising all three of her kits. This litter we decided to try something new. Since Charlie is an inside bun, I bought her a chinchilla dust bathing box to build a nest in. It is perfect for her size. The downside was that the babies could fall out of the low door and one day 1-3 they did when she was feeding although they stayed warm in the fleece cage liner.

By day four mama bun had figured out she could barrier the entrance with a fleece blanket and babies have stayed put ever since. It has been a fun adventure! She has a black, a broken black, and a third broken. It is either a broken black otter, broken sable point, or maybe a chocolate. I am excited to watch it grow! 


Born 04-11-2018

French Angora Litter

Born April 11th 2018 At 7:30pm

Sophia gave birth to four beautiful babies!! So far everyone is doing very well. She built a huge nest as you can see! 

Varieties She Had

Broken Tort

Solid Tort

Two Ruby-Eyed Whites

Broken Sable Pearl

Sire is Peter, a Broken Fawn

Dam is Sophia, a Sable Pearl 

Nursery Updates



Born 1/19/2018 and was just brought home. She is eight weeks old as of 3/16/2018 and I believe she is a solid fawn. Very sweet but shy baby girl. 

Speckles and Cocoa


Ok, so they aren't rabbits but these little babies needed to be in the nursery too! They hatched around 3/6/2018. So fluffy!

Sophia & Peter Litter


Babies Due the Week of April 9th 2018. Fingers crossed for healthy babies & good mothering.

Born 12/28/2017

Jack & Jill Babies


Born 12/28/2017. 



Handled since four days of birth. This was Jills first litter. She had five and has been raising all five successfully.  

Eyes Open


Little Scoot the runt was rather small and  watched close to make sure he was eating well. Jills full milk came in at five days after birthing the babies and she is a full on milk machine now. 

So Cute


At four and half weeks old now I cannot even tell scoot was ever the runt. 

Loving the Colors


It appears that Jack and Jill produced two blacks (buck and doe), two blue does, and a lilac buck. 

Sophia and Peter Litter


Will be trying again later in the year.